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Update Update: The first version of the Wellington Chess Club Database 2018 Edition is now available. This is a massive upgrade on previously available versions. A huge amount of effort has gone into harmonising player and tournament names, eliminating dups, ensuring annotated versions of games are used where available, etc. etc. Not all flaws (described for earlier editions) have been fixed, but the most important have and this is a massive upgrade. The database contains 3903 games.

Update: The first version of the Wellington Chess Club Database 2016 edition is now available. This year I am going for reverse chronological order. Let me know what you think. (Many aspects unchanged so I retain the original announcement below - slightly reworded and now titled "Background").

Background: Due to Ian's sterling efforts we have recorded a lot of club games in recent years. At the 2015 AGM a decision was made to publish a 'Wellington Database' after congress each year. I have been putting a lot of effort into gathering the games together, straightening out all the weird and wonderful formatting and quirks, and generally putting together a consistent and harmonious games collection. The first version was the Wellington Chess Club Database 2015 edition. The collection features 2177 games in chronological order. For now I haven't included Wellington Open (and Wellington Congress) games. Many games are annotated, often entertainingly. Amongst the more prolific annotators are Ian Sellen, Al Nicholls, Brian Nijman, Andrew Stone, and myself. There are still improvements to be made. I need to introduce a systematic indication of who annotated a game (it's usually very obvious though). The player, event and site names can be made more consistent. Missing details (ratings, round numbers) can probably be determined in many cases. I haven't yet retrofitted my own annotations from the website except for 2014 and 2015. Despite these flaws, the file as it exists is full of interesting chess, and no doubt many happy (and painful) memories for club members.

The .pgn format is the standard chess document format. To read a .pgn you need appropriate software. One option, on MS Windows at least, is my own Tarrasch program.

Finally please note that many of the annotations were new to me. If you want to see your annotated games on the official club website, remember to CC in me when you email the games to Ian.

Some other older material (this section needs to be tidied up!);

Download Congess 2013 games here championship and major open and some rapid games

Download North Island 2013 games here (Many thanks to Ian Sellen)

Ian Sellen is doing a great job of publishing Wellington Chess Club games on his website.

Some other Wellington players to publish game blogs are Brian Nijman and Nic Croad. Although neither of those has been updated recently, they each have instructive material.

Here's some additional material - more to come soon.

Some recent annotated games.

Some 2009 club champs games from the old website.

An old vanderlizer game, with Rybka suggested variations from the old website.

Wellington old boy Gavin Marner's first Sydney tournament. Some typically entertaining Marner chess. Watch out for the Gavmeister attack.