The Wellington Chess Club

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Correspondence Opponents

Our correspondence opponents from Huntville Alabama (note - there is no truth to the rumours that they are actually a team of serial killers from The Huntsville Correctional Institute in Huntsville Texas!). Don Maddox runs the demo board; Furthest from board, Tom Branson, Harry Duncan, Jim Harrison (Co-Captain). Closest to board; Roger Fagnani and Kurt Kwader

Correspondence Consultation

Alan Adridge (obscured), IMs Anthony Ker and Russell Dive plus webmaster Bill Forster contemplate a nightmare variation (13.O-O-O Qa5 14.Kb1 Be6 15.Nc1 Rb6 16.f4 Ra6 17.b3 Nd4 18.f5 Nb5 19.fxe6 Nc3+ 20.Kb2 Qa3+ 21.Ka1 Qxa2+! 22.Nxa2 Rxa2 mate) in our White game. We decided to play 13.O-O instead! (credit Matt Veldhuizen).

Best and Brightest

From the 2011 Wellington Rapid - FMs Wastney and Hague analyse, GM Gretarsson kibitzes (credit Matt Veldhuizen)

Helgi Gretarsson

From the 2011 Wellington Rapid - GM Helgi Gretarsson - to the victor, the spoils (credit Matt Veldhuizen)

Gawain Jones and Nic Croad

From the 2009 Wellington Rapid - GM Gawain Jones and FM Nic Croad - to the victors, the spoils part 2

A tense scene at the 2009 North Island

A tense scene at the 2009 North Island

Our new home

Our new home, the Wellington Bridge Club (credit John Cook)

Our Congress venue

Atmospheric Cuba Street, where we are holding Congress soon.

Autumn and Spring

From the 2011 Wellington Rapid - our oldest and youngest member (credit Matt Veldhuizen)