The Wellington Chess Club


Chess doesn't often make it into the mainstream media in New Zealand, but here are a couple of examples;

In 2005 Christchurch chess promoter Chris Benson organised a very successful New Zealand tour by former World Championship challenger Nigel Short. Nigel proved to be a lot of fun, and the visit is remembered fondly. The Wellington Chess Club hosted the highest profile event on the tour, a big simultaneous exhibition in the Wellington Public Library. Nigel conceded a few draws, and lost a single game to local FM Scott Wastney.

A more recent event was a "Chocolate Festival" at the Intercontinental Hotel in Wellington. One of the promotions involved a game of chess... Sharp eyed viewers will note that this video actually catches the moment your webmaster makes the fatal mistake, playing Rac1 in a position where Layla can, (and promptly did) effect a devastating fork with Nc5-d3.