The New Zealand Chess Magazine


Sad News New Zealand Chess ceased publication in 2018, the four 2018 issues are the last issues. The circulation was too small, contributions dried up, the audience were increasingly looking to the web for more up to date chess news and content.

All issues since 2008 are now freely available for download on a new page at the NZCF website here. Update: older issues are now progressively being scanned and added to that site.

New Zealand Chess was the official magazine of the New Zealand Chess Federation (Inc). It was published four times a year (January, April, July, October). This website supplemented the magazine.

The website includes all games published or submitted from 2008-2018 (those years in which Bill Forster served as technical editor or editor) in the Game Archive section.

Any enquiries about the magazine can be sent to the last editor (email below).

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Last update: 17th November 2018

The October issue has been collected from the printer and will be distributed in the coming week. I will in time copy all the electronic games from this site to the magazine's new home on the New Zealand Chess Federation site. When that task is complete this site will no longer be required and I will likely let it lapse.

Please check out the companion Wellington Chess Club website