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Not So Recent Highlights

Sometimes there isn't enough room for deeply annotated games in the paper edition. Even games that are featured in the physical magazine benefit from on-screen presentation, allowing readers to track the position move by move without needing a physical set.

The games archive includes all games submitted to the magazine, this recent highlight section showcases a subset of those games. Hopefully readers will find the alternative presentation method used here useful. Pick a section from the drop down menu. If you are using an old browser that doesn't support the pull down menus;

Excerpt from John Nunn's Chess Course

Russell Dive 2012 Olympiad Games

Nic Croad 2012 Olympiad Games

Oct 2012 issue highlights

Jan 2013 issue highlights

A note about the technology used; These games are presented using a custom built web publish facility within the Tarrasch Chess GUI. For more information contact the author (also the NZ Chess Magazine editor) through the Tarrasch website